IMG 0249Drizzle and light rain on the M25 is a less than auspicious start to our trip down to Italy. Fortunately it does get better as the morning progresses although still a cool 11C.

The Clacket Lane services still has the same "freshly made" sandwich shop selling day old (or more?) products. On this occasion however Mary challenged the staff who really did not get it that fresh does not mean made yesterday. The shopkeepers' line "if you go to Tesco......." just did not cut any ice with Mary. Anyway a nice young man was persuaded to go and make a fresh sandwich. Sometimes they will do the right thing just to get rid of you.

We've not been on the Euro Tunnel before and have to say it compares most favourably with the ferry. Mostly it's simply less waiting and much quicker. The view however is rubbish.

IMG 0250The other side of the Channel is somewhat warmer and certainly drier and a couple of hours takes us to Ghent and the pre booked Grand Hotel Reylof on a special 2 night "deal".

Mary writes: "our trip to Gent was very civilised. Left FC at 9.30 am in drizzle which turned to rain on M25. Some very slow traffic and then down M20 still in drizzle. Got to terminal and they put us on the early train. No wait and off we went with a 30 min train trip to eat our sandwich bought at Clacket Lane from the sandwich place that states in BIG letters We make fresh for you. I picked up a boxed sandwich and it was made yesterday according to date on box. Being a bit wet and cold I was in no mood for this. I said to the bloke this is not fresh and he started to tell me that is fresh and that if I went to Tescos I..... It was at that point I lost it. I told him he should take down his sign as it was a lie. In NZ where they know what the meaning of the word fresh is. I asked him to tell me what the meaning of the word was and asked everyone in the queue if they thought this was right. At this point a very nice chap with dreadlocks came out from the place where they make the sandwiches carrying a tray with, wait for it,fresh sandwiches. I asked if they were fresh, he said he had just made them. It wasn't what I fancied but he said he'd make me one of what I wanted. Right, this is the way to get a fresh sandwich at the services. Everyone in the queue put back there OLD sandwiches and ordered FRESH. Ironically there is a window where you can watch the FRESH sandwiches being made. Somehow through the wall they age a day. The whole cabinet had old sandwiches in, I checked."

Bit of a nasty turn when we got home as the meal at the Moroccan Sarabande restaurant had a rather dramatic effect on us both. Only the once luckily but a bit of a worry.