IMG 2437A very comfortable night at El Pablo except for the WiFi being unserviceable in and around our room. Not the end of the world.
Our first stop is one of the local tourist shops for a couple of ceramic bowls and then on to Taos Pablo, a Native American village that is open to tourists (a fee applies). Unfortunately after some difficulties finding it it was closed for ‘ceremonies’ so that was a bust.
Abandoning Taos we drove and stopped for lunch at Fort Garland and took a tour of the fort. It’s not clear how much is original but clearly life in the Cavalry was pretty grim (a bath every month whether you needed one or not and two to a bed - sounds grim no?).

IMG 2440Our night stop at Limon is chosen on the sole basis of being near(ish) to Denver Airport for our departure in the morning and turns out to be a truck stop at an off ramp on the freeway. Less than ideal and we had very low expectations of Oscars diner next door to the Comfort Inn. In the event both turned out to be very good. The Comfort Inn beds were just that and the burgers and service at the diner were excellent. The latter were helped a lot by it being half price Wednesday on drinks, we took advantage of this offer which led some of us to be restless in the night. A very interesting chat to our waitress who had been in Japan for three years with her Marine husband.