IMG 2420Today's journey starts with finding ourselves on the I-25 freeway without breakfast, a mistake but ToC comes to an abrupt end at the on ramp. We take the first off ramp which leads us to Elephant Butte (I couldn’t make this up) where there’s a diner and a first rate short stack breakfast, sadly I could get used to blueberry pancakes but I’d end up looking like some of the locals do <O>
Next stop is Chloride, a ghost town with a museum with a very interesting history. Don and Donna are fascinating hosts and we take a couple of hours (that we can ill afford) there.
Chloride is well out of the way and we are delighted to see several road runners and squirrels crossing the road, the road runners especially are a treat, “beep beep”.

IMG 2422The rest of the day is driving, driving, driving, through Albuquerque and Santa Fe up toTaos and the El Pablo motel and very nice it is too.
A stroll downtown to the Gorge restaurant for a quiet drink and dinner is very welcome. The town is very quaint with lots of adobe looking shops and houses and a lot of arty looking places. Very attractive