IMG 2375A very nice - and small - breakfast in Bisbee after a good nights sleep in the very comfortable Canyon Rose hotel. We now have to get to Denver on Thursday morning for our flight home and it’s at least 12 hours drive away. This is a big country. On the way out of Bisbee we find out why it's there, it was acenter of copper production and they have the holes to prove it.
There are several Border Patrol cars and trucks about and we wonder about the enormous scale of Trumps wall and the terrain that will need to be covered. It would be interesting to see the cost/benefit analysis- $5-10m per person prevented for access to the USA? Anyway who will make the beds and clean the toilets if the can’t get in?
We stopped at the site where Geronimo surrendered and in latter days they have put up a monument. A sad end.

IMG 2381We make our first destination Silver City where Billy the Kid grew up and arrive there at around 1pm having failed to account for the time change From Arizona to New Mexico. Silver City is another small town with quite a few art galleries and the like but little otherwise to commend it. Outside the historic district it’s the usual ugly sprawl.
We take the scenic Geronimo Trail across Emory Pass to get to Truth or Consequences which turns out to be very twisty and slow but with fabulous views.
Apparently TorC used to be called Hot Springs but changed it’s name in the 1950 after the TV show. Why we never found out.
The Rocket Inn is a 1950’s motel refurbished by the new owners and it’s quite charming - and very reasonably priced.
A good steak diner at nearby Los Arcos rounds off the day.