IMG 2343We were woken at 2:45am by two women outside who were corresponding by shout over a final(?) beer of the night. Plainly both hard of hearing, a nasty impairment. Moved to close windows and turn on the very noisy air conditioning.
We passed on the Best Western breakfast and went back to Prescott Junction for fabulous waffles and a great omelette. Very reasonably priced and just so much better. BW take note.
Moving on with heavy tums we passed through Phoenix and on to Tombstone. First stop the restored Boot Hill cemetery. Not what we’d expected but very moving none the less. The guide for the cemetery tells some horrific stories and clearly life was pretty cheap. The town itself is still alive as a living history and was not completely overrun by tourists despite it being a Sunday.

IMG 2372We loved the Birdcage Theatre but the ‘reenactment’ at the OK Corral was only OK. Anyway on to Bisbee, a nearby town we’d never heard of and a nice hotel. The town of Bisbee is very artisan oriented with lots of art shops, some of which were still open albeit empty late on a Sunday. There’s quite a few empty shops though so things are not ideal here
Dinner was excellent at the Roka Resturant. An excellent live guitarist and the service exceptional.
Now all we have to do is to get to Denver by thursday lunchtime.
Boot Hill and Tombstone - Wow! - tick those bucket list boxes!