IMG 2317Apart from getting our laundry done and the nice waitress who gave us a drink and dessert Panguitch is something of a bust. The motel sheets smelt of bleach and some of us had an uncomfortable night and were a tad grumpy.
An early departure, actually very early for us and we hit the road without breakfast so we stopped after an hour in nearby Kanab and had a fabulous meal at the Houston’s Trail’s End. A stonking heap of pancakes for me and a beautiful omelette with hash browns for Mary. Superb. We also got a preview of a horse tour they run through the canyons, now there's an idea! 
The rest of the day was taken up with driving through more and more astounding countryside. A brief stop at the Colorado River Dam at the head of Lake Powell then on to historic Prescott.

IMG 2329

The attraction of Prescott is Whisky Way, a Victorian Street in more or less original order (except that the shops are more of the tourist variety than they would have been 100 years ago).
We had to stop for a drink in the Palace Saloon in the Main Street and were entranced with the costumes and the ambiance, you can just feel how the place must have been 100 years ago but without what I expect were some unpleasant odors. The costumed customers are retired folk who just go there and get bought drinks by patrons! Now there’s a plan.
Our hotel is fine but a couple of K’s out of town and arriving there we discover that Arizona is an hour behind Utah so that gives us good time for a relax before dinner. There’s an in house Mexican (which we pass on) and about 400m away is the Prescott Junction, a family owned dinner which gets consistently good reviews on TripAdvisor. You can always tell a good value place if there are lots of pensioners using it and sure enough the Prescott Junction is such an establishment. Excellent burgers and the cheapest dinner we have had in the USA.