IMG 2233A poor nights sleep as it was very warm in the room despite the cold outside, hard to deal with.
Breakfast at the Broken Spur is very good, which makes a nice change and we fill up with gas and get a brochure from the information cantre. All very civilized for what seems a pretty small village. 
Scenic Byway 12 is a magic road with lots of laybys, and fantastic views. Apparently one of the most beautiful in the world and we'd certainly agree.
We took an detour down the Burr Track as recommended by a lady in an RV and also very worthwhile. Otherwise we stuck to the car and took one short walk (1km?) to a waterfall. The worst thing is that we ran out of time to see the Bryce Canyon and many of the other things on the route, we’ll just have to come back.

IMG 2265The Blue Pine Motel is somewhat basic but seems clean so we are not too unhappy with it. They also let us use their washing machine which is a real bonus.
Dinner however is a sad affair at the Cowboy smoke House BBQ over the road. Our ribs were dry, mashed potato should be hard to ruin but it was cold and covered with some glutinous white sauce, also cold and the broccoli cold again. No wine either and no credit card, instead an ATM at the desk so you could get the cash to pay them. We went for dessert and a drink over the road and the waitress there said that quite often they reheat yesterdays BBQ to make up the numbers. That explains some but not all.