IMG 2122Arches National Park could occupy several days, sadly we only have a half. You can see that in the summer or at the weekends it would be crazy busy, even mid week (Thursday) it’s pretty busy with most car parks near full. Not withstanding there’s plenty of room and you only have to walk a short way on the tracks to leave the multitude behind (even though they look set for an expedition to Everest base camp they have clearly just been to an outfitters and want to look the part).
One lowlight, we met a chap taking photographs and Mary commented about the people who, despite the copious notices, insist on wandering of the tracks and damaging the microscopic desert life. This guy was of the a) elk and deer do it so why shouldn’t we? And b) “it’s just dirt”. Another for whom facts are not necessarily immutable. He also gave us his opinion on acid rain, “it’s good for the pine forests”. We were left with little doubt about who he voted for in last years election, we didn’t need to ask.

IMG 2143By 1:30 we need to leave and get outta town. It’s been interesting but Moab needs a bypass to get rid of the trucks and a clearer idea of why it’s there.

Most of the afternoon is on highway 24 through Hanksville and the Capitol Reef national Park to Torrey, a real western town with all sorts of western memorabilia. Plus a Subway and gas station.
Dinner is steak - also at the Broken Spur motel. A lot of steak and not at all bad either.