P1130545A magic day, except perhaps breakfast and the HUGE thunderstorm that engulfed Moab. The thunder was deafening but luckily did not pursue us north to Dead Horse Point - no that’s not made up - and Canyonlands National Park. We spent the whole day staring in disbelief at the vast canyon that the Colorado and Green rivers have made over the past umpty million years. We didn’t even get to the Arches National Park and have had to hold that over until tomorrow morning.
We’ve taken a lot of photos and walked (for us) quite a way.

We did give a lift to a pair of german motorcycle riders who had walked all the way to Dead Horse Point and left their bikes at the visitor centre. Very nice people. 

Sadly the Twisted Sista cafe is closed on Wednesday but the Thai place was open (reversed from last night) and very busy. The queue was continuous - clearly the town is packed.

IMG 2053The rain started again tonight but we were very lucky that we have had a dry and not too hot day for sightseeing. We’re hoping for warmer weather further south.