P1130481Utah has strange laws about booze that we have discovered. First you can only have one drink at a time, i.e. You can't order a second until the first is gone and second rule is that beer is under 3% unless it’s heavy beer. Odd. Probably the Mormon influence.

Today's destination is the Dinosaur Quarry in the Dinosaur National Monument. This is an astounding collection of bones from 197m years ago preserved in a cliff that has been enclosed in a splendid display building. It’s one of those moments when you wonder if it can be real but yes it is. Fantastic. The ranger is very interesting on the subject too, who knew?

Further down the track is a set of cave paintings this time only(!) 1000 or so years old but like they had been painted yesterday.

P1130512All in all we don’t leave until gone 1pm which is rather late given that the next stop is over 4 hours away in Moab. Notwithstanding this is a stunning place to visit and we really don’t want to cut it short.
The road to Moab is a scenic byway, so not quick but runs through yet more fantastic scenery, canyons, plains, valleys, mountains, etc. Words fail. The last hour or so is 80mph on the freeway which eats the last 100 miles.
Moab itself is a busy tourist town and difficult to get dinner. Clearly with both Moab and Arches National Parks this is going to have to be two nights and is the most expensive place we’ve stayed but frankly we will hardly be likely to pass this way again.
Dinner at Twisted Sister (third choice, the first two were full and closed respectively) was excellent and may have to be repeated.