P1130451The car has started bleating that it needs an oil change. Today's mission will be to deal with Avis for a replacement. I’ve tried several approaches by phone but these have met with off shore so called ‘help’ desks and automated Q&A robots, all hopeless. The best of them was the clerk at the downtown Avis desk but he had no way to help either. Groan.
First off however is a guided tour of the Morman church facilities that Salt Lake City is known for. We are not allowed in the Temple but the old church and the tabernacle are open for the tour. Unsurprisingly the tour is more of a pitch for the Morman way but still it’s interesting and everything is impressively tidy and well kept.
Avis was busy and pretty much as anticipated. They were surprised that we had done so much mileage (it said unlimited what did they expect?). There’s no way we are getting a like for like replacement for the Lincoln that we have grown so fond of as they claim they don’t have such a thing. In the end we have to settle for a white Chevy 300 which behaves like a small boat in a modest sea.

After this fun we set out for Vernal so we can go to the National Dinosaur Monument tomorrow.
TripAdvisor suggests that while Vernal has a lot of fast food outlets there’s not much else which is disappointing but perhaps not surprising.
P1130472After note the diner we ate at (Swain Brothers) was both expensive and scruffy. Steak was good though.