P1130384A splendid night at the Best Western, not a move in the night from either of us. Breakfast sadly the usual dogs breakfast, they could do so much better.
Twin Falls has a major waterfall, Shoshone Falls which is running at 10% capacity and the Twin Falls has had a lobectomy with a power plant installed in one of them. The canyon however is stunning with an 18 hole golf course at the bottom.
Our next stop is the City of the Rocks on the original California Trail, the settlers even left graffiti of their names on the rocks written in axle grease on the rocks and it’s still there. Amazing.
The direct route seems to involve and hour or so of dirt road across endless plain following the original trail. It must have been so hard!

P1130401Getting into Salt Lake City very hard made more so by heavy rain and spray on the freeway but we manage it without incident.
The Plaza hotel is fine and Cafe Molise is excellent. Curiously we meet a Trump supporter and have an interesting conversation with him (his wife is apparently mute). That is interesting in the sense that we are bewildered by the seemingly inconsistent views that are held simultaneously. Odd.