P1130291Another unhappy night, this time no blame on the bed which was very comfortable. Another plonker started his coach outside the window at 6am and the room quickly filled with diesel fumes. That’s one way to get moving in the morning.
Yes another Best Western breakfast but a) we beat the crowd and b) we are getting the hang of it.
Today is to be a low milage day (relatively that is) and finally we have clear skies but cold, there is frost on the car and that’s a first.
Our night stop plan is Twin Falls with a good explore of the Craters of the Moon National Monument. It takes longer to get there than expected as there is a thick bank of fog on the road for about an hour.

P1130360We can make fair progress however as there’s a loonie who overtakes us without any way that he can see and keeps a rapid clip. By keeping him just in sight we can follow along and see if he hits anything.
The Craters are a weird landscape of ancient (2000 years) lava flows which an interesting set of displays in the visitor centre and some interpretative trails through the field with lava tubes and all sorts. Amazing how plants can find a way to grow in these totally inhospitable conditions. Most interesting. Only snag is we’ve missed lunch as there is nothing else between Idaho Falls and Twin Falls except prairie and a few farms.
A relatively modest drive to Twin Falls and a stay at yet another Best Western, apparently there are points that accrue but to what end is unclear.
Dinner P1130311at the nearby Jakers (the same chain as last nights disappointment) is much better with an excellent steak and no pushy waitress.