P1130231A very comfortable night at the Yakima Comfort Suites this time marred by Hiram the Kenworth driver who decided that his truck needed warming up outside the window while he had breakfast. Thoughtful, everyone on the hotel surely wanted to get up early to the sound of the clattering diesel, a good job we did as it’s a very long way (nearly 400 miles today).
The drive is all freeway, dual or treble carriageway, 70 or 80 mph speed limit. Apart from stops to get coffee, fuel, a rather nasty Zip Burger, it was totally uneventful. The views however of the Columbia River, the vast wheat fields, harvesting machines, the road renewal crews at work with road laying machines, mountains, etc., etc. are just stunning. What a country.

P1130237Blossoms B&B is easy to find and Troy, the owner, welcoming. Dinner reservations as the upmarket Pearl in town is one of the best meals we’ve had and very reasonably priced. And so to bed.