P1130208A good nights sleep at the Celilo marred by some plumbing difficulties with the WC in the morning. Oops.
On the plus side they turn out to have a washing machine and dryer and we make some use of this leaving just after 11 for Yakima. Another weeks worth of laundry bites the dust!
The views of the Colombia River are fabulous but the low cloud blocks the mountains which is a pity.
Yakima is the home of the Carbon Cub manufacturers, Cub Crafters and we are treated to a tour of the facility. Even Mary is impressed. I pay for this later however with a tour of Bed Bath and Beyond which is another mega store with more stuff that I have ever dreamt of. Who knew?
Tonight's stop is the Comfort Inn, inconveniently located on the outskirts of town. The room is nice and for once we have a room the doesn't smell of disinfectant. A bonus.

P1130224We tried for dinner at the Yakima brewery over the road but while they have an excellent array of beverages dinner would have been a poor affair from a bench toaster. Then we thought let's drive into town to a nice restaurant but it’s miles, Yakima is a big place. Finally we settled on the Powerhouse Grill next door. Fine if you like your mash and burger cool otherwise not so good. My vegetables disappeared in the process of having the meal reheated and the burger didn't change. Ho hum.
We did stare a bit at the HUGE couple eating the full three courses including a massive slice of cake. We also discussed road trips with the man in the next booth.