IMG 3290An excellent and enormous breakfast at the Old Town Cafe. The pancake was hanging over the edges of the plate and a separate plate of eggs and bacon heads to be delivered. Awesome.
Mostly driving today getting to the Humboldt Redwood park off route 121. The trees are truely staggering again being up to 2000 years old but in this case just so tall that it beggars belief. So here'd in California they have the oldest, the largest and now the tallest living things on Earth. We are impressed.
A word on the car. Our Lincoln MKX is a pleasure to drive although it is huge. The electric everything including roof is great for touring and so much more comfortable than the Mustang we had thought of.

P1130043Our stop for the night is in Eureka but the motel which looked ok on the internet (Eureka Town House) is in a rough part of town although we have no evidence that there are any nicer parts. The room has a disinfectant type of smell and there are indeterminate stains on the carpets and furniture. Overall a dump.
First shot at dinner was an upmarket restaurant one block away but, Saturday night and no deal until 8pm (it was 6:30). Second a couple of blocks the other way the Lost Coast Brewery and Cafe another loud beer and burger joint. Entirely acceptable but hard to hear anything