IMG 3286A leisurely breakfast at Ground in Murphys taking in the local ambiance was first rate. It seems a very pleasant little town but probably a hot destination for weekenders? Lots of cafes and shops selling arty stuff, t-shirts and other stuff you didn't know you needed.
The mother of the barman last night (another Mary) put us on to the Big Tree State Park about 20 miles east. This turned out to be excellent with a two mile walk around the big trees. The Earth’s largest living things and can be some 2000 years old. Horrifyingly some early explorers(?) cut the largest down (1250 years old) so they could take the bark to display back east and make their fortunes. Pleasingly the display caught fire and they hopefully lost their shirts. Vandalism on an incomprehensible scale.

P1120982The afternoon was spent driving to Grass Valley (Friday night pre booking essential) via a bunch of tiny back roads and the little gold mining village of Volcano for an ice cream.
A pleasant walk downtown for an excellent dinner at a noisy bar Cirinos At Main Street. Great atmosphere and a hug for me by a random young woman, obviously and sadly sight impaired.