IMG 1373There’s a laundry over the road from the Dow so that’s our morning activity! We’ve been here a week and the bags of dirty clothes are pretty full.
Breakfast next door is excellent and plentiful and what with that, fuel and the bank we don't get away until just before 12.
A brief stop an the Manzanar camp where Japanese Americans were interned during the war. Not the USAs finest hour and rather reminiscent of Trump’s disgraceful Muslim ban.

Most of the afternoon is spent getting to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine forest up over 10,000 feet. These trees are the oldest living things on the planet, some over 5,000 years old. They don’t look hugely impressive but hardy beyond words. 



The climb up and down is most worthwhile too with incredible views over the Sierra.
A short stop in Bishop for supplies at the Vos store is educational. These stores are big.
Our stop for the night is a B&B, Rainbow Tarn, near a village called Tom’s Place. Very comfortable and very rural - run by a couple (Diana and Brock). I gather it gets cold in the winter.
Finally dinner at Tom’s Place (the diner after which the 'town' is named) is basic but fun. Steak or shrimp pretty much but the service is good and the ambiance very rural America.