P1120835Mostly we are keen to get outta town but we wait for the traffic to die down a bit and to work out a plan. Our initial plan, such as it was, stopped here.
Breakfast is at a Santa Fe out of town, this turned out to be a crummy casino with a Starbucks and more smoke. Nasty.
The first fuel stop was concerning as the machines would not take our cards but the next (50miles further) on did. We stopped for lunch at the Area 51 diner, Mary unwisely had the chilli.
These are long straight roads, beautifully surfaced with minimal traffic running through what seems to be entirely desert which the occasional habitation. You have to wonder what people do out here?
Beatty on the outskirts of the Death Valley park is clearly a dump.

P1120837The Valley itself is unsurprisingly hot. Hotter than the other bits of desert and deserted. We took one of the back roads, a bit rough and twisty but perfectly passable. Did’t see another car so we were somewhat reliant on the trusty Lincoln not crapping out, we would not survive long here with a half litre bottle of water.
Finally out of the desert we get to Lone Pine in California and I’ve booked into the Dow Motel where famous people stayed in days of yore. This was the back back lot for Hollywood Western's for the likes of the Lone Ranger, Hoppalong Cassidy, and John Wayne. The lobby is full of memorabilia and signed photos which makes it worth The rooms have seen better days but have a charm of a sort.
A very nice dinner at the TripAdvisor recommended Seasons Resturant, service was patchy but the Elk steak with cranberries and walnuts was fabulous.