P1120551The Maswik cafe had not improved overnight and we decided to bypass it and go to the Canyon Village market area where there’s a supermarket with a small deli cafe. Much better.
A walk around the Canyon rim to follow was quite breathtaking and we got away about 12. The park Service have put together a 'time walk' where every metre (yard?) represents a million year period and thus 2,000 long paces repersents the age of the rocks in the Canyon. There are examples of the appropriate rocks as you move along and sights so you can see where in the Canyon they are located.

Just outside the park there are a bunch of cafes and hotels taking advantage of the poor quality of the ones inside the park. Shame we didn't know but there it is. The Canyon makes up for it all.


After refuelling and having a look at the heliport (now that’s impressive with at least six machines spinning) we set off to Flagstaff Arizona for a run along Route 66.
Turns out that most of the Route has gone and been overlaid by Route 40, a nondescript freeway. There is still the odd section left but in dire conditions, only a rental car such as ours is hardy enough for the task, you wouldn’t want to tackle it in your own vehicle.
After much effort I finally managed to download Chuck Berry’s version of the song and we sang at full volume on the way to Kingman!
The Best Western at Kingman is pretty nice and a pleasant change from the grotty Maswik. I won't mention it again.
Dinner at Oysters Mexican across the road was both plentiful and reasonably priced and we were back in the hotel by 8pm.

Good day