P1120508Breakfast at the Retro is a simple affair of toast, bagel, English muffin, bread etc and jam, perfectly adequate.
Mostly driving today through the most spectacular countryside, the Valley of the Gods and Monumernt Valley are the most jaw dropping places and I lack the words to describe them. We made a lot of stops for photo opportunities. Despite the vistas nothing prepares you for the Grand Canyon.
Lunch at the microscopic Mexican Hat, so named for an odd shaped rock just out of town. We stopped for lunch at the motel there.

Our night stop is at Maswik, one of the National Park Lodges near the Canyon. They have a so called Pizza Pub which sounded just right for us but my word, what a wretched place. Saturday night and one poor woman at the till, serving drinks, getting the meals and making change. Unsurprisingly there was a lengthy (20 min) queue. The pizza was thin crust with a smear of topping and both small and pricy. 

P1120524The rooms are old and tired as well with threadbare towels and holes in the sheets. Dimly lit so you cannot see the grime on the ancient carpet. The room needs gutting and would put a cut price doss house to shame let alone one of the most expensive motels we have stayed at.
Perhaps if the Park service valued service above the size of the kickback things might change but frankly this is disgusting and does no one any credit. Had we known we would have made a day trip to the park and moved on.