P1120354Breakfast at the Best Western is a sad affair. Yes, is has everything but in name only. Coffee in a squirt dispenser, scrambled egg in a gelatinous blob, orange juice that has never seen an orange and a pancake making machine.
Moving on we buy a couple of bottles of water at the supermarket and drive south through magnificent country stopping several times for major roadworks and lunch at a totally unmemorable town for a lunch at a Mexican restaurant. The first interesting stop was Ouray, a town at the bottom of a huge valley, most impressive. Mary bought some dog leads,
The road out is called the million dollar highway, presumably because of the cost of building it. It runs up across a more or less vertical cliff with no barrier to between the cars and the drop. We follow a huge truck laden with pipes which gives plenty of time to stop, take photos of abandond mines and the like and catch him up again.
A coffee at Durango re invigorates us enough to get to the impressively located Far View Lodge at Mesa Verde park without driving off the road. It’s been a big day driving and the jet lag is still with us. The cabins are somewhat basic but comfortable and dinner (at the lodge) and drinks are most welcome.