The Inn at Sliver Creek, GranbyUp reasonably early what with the time change and excitement. We walked over to the station for breakfast at the Local(ish) cafe (that's its' name) where we were greeted by a very enthusiastic young lady who explained the goods on offer and enquired where our accents came from.
Despite being what we would think of as rush hour the place was incredibly quiet, apparently this is normal.
Gathering our belongings we set out for the rental car company expecting to get an Uber or a taxi but the concierge said no, they have a 'town car' and would be happy to run us there.
More friendly people at Avis got us into a huge vehicle with electric everything including buttons for the automatic gear shift. We still haven't worked out how to use it all.

Mary and the Lincoln MKXOur first destination is Granby, west of Denver, where our daughter worked at the 'Inn at Sliver Creek' near 20 years ago. The onboard GPS gets us right there up a hair raising set of hairpin bends. The hotel is open but pretty deserted as this is clearly ski country and there's no snow to be seen.

A sandwich in Granby is adequate for lunch and we head south making for Mesa Verde, one place recommended by all the guide books. The road takes us over the continental divide to the town of Fairplay at almost 10,000 feet. It's nearly 5pm and we've had enough but sadly, for us, there's an art festival or some such and the town is heaving. The lady at the Hand Hotel is more than helpful with advice, wifi, a phone, a guided tour and some rhubarb jam!
Some Googleing and TripAdvisor gets us into the Best Western at nearby Buena Vista. By the time we arrive there's no vacancy so clearly we are not alone in our travel plans. 
IMG 1266Dinner is a great at the improbably named 'Simple Eatery and Spoon It Up' cafe. The beer is good and the wine not bad after the first glass. We get chatting to a Scottish mother and daughter engaged in a similar road trip and have much in common in our views of the wonders of Brexit Britain and the incumbent President.