Not too bad a trip to Denver arriving at a huge airport, concourses, levels, just enormous. We waited quite a while for one of the bags, we just didn't recognize it on the carousel as it was upside down. The booked car was late as well.
Anyway the Kimpton Born hotel is brand new (three weeks) right next to the central railway station. The staff are enthusiastic and friendly and in all a very nice place to stay.
Dinner at the attached hotel restaurant was pretty good but we were astounded by the number of staff on duty. At least 15 which nearly outnumbered the patrons.
We spent a little time on the plane thinking about itineraries and may make the first port of call but reached no firm conclusion. The three guide books offer a lot of interesting options but we're not certain how far we will want to travel each day. The car is well different to the bikes.