P1110389Looks like the breakfast situation may just have been a holiday issue as todays is remarkably better. The french toast involved egg! (Sadly back to usual the next day)

Todays driver/guide is called Bongo(!) and his english leaves a little to be desired but he appears to know his stuff and takes us to the Bako National Park about an hours drive and a further half hour in a boat away.

There’s quite a bit of bureaucracy involved tickets, registration, check in and out and so forth but once accomplished we are allowed to walk on a number of trails, mostly on crumbling board walks, to see the various monkeys, lemurs and so forth. Again very interesting but very, very hot.

Lunch at the visitor centre is ok but people smoke everywhere and the toilets are awash, not great.

Again back to the hotel for a seriously welcome shower and change of sweat sodden clothes before taking an unsuccessful look in the nearby mall for a book about Kuching.

P1110434Back to Bla Bla Bla for dinner as pretty much everything remains closed. The locals obviously take the Hari Raya holiday very seriously.