P1110274Breakfast back at the Ranee Suites is just as bad as the first day, this time it’s the french toast that is hopeless.

Our driver for the day, Nixon, takes us to the Sarawak Cultural Village. He drives well but talk about slowly!

The Village has living displays of each of the various seven cultures that make up Sarawak and has been very well done. Health & Safety however were not paramount in the design and maintenance of the site! In NZ it would be closed down before you could pay for the first ticket.

After going around the various long houses and so forth there was in a one hour dance/show in the auditorium. Actually surprisingly good. Greeted by rain as we came out of the auditorium so that was the end of the visit.

Nixon then drove us to see various sights, the parliament buildings, governors house, the museum, china town and the like. The museum rates special mention as the displays are old, the stuffed animal cases came from the UK in 1911 and are very much not to todays western taste. The only money spent in the last 50 years looks to have been on the antique air conditioners.

Finally at 4pm back to the hotel for a bit of a rest before looking for dinner again. It’s still a holiday here and again everything seems to be shut.

P1110334After walking down the waterfront we returned to the street where we had found the Barber restaurant last night and a few doors down stopped for a drink at the unprepossessing Bla Bla Bla. Lots of people went in while we sat outside so we figured “how bad can it be?” lacking any other obvious choice. Actually it was a very, very, good Chinese meal, one of the best we’ve had in Malaysia!