P1110174After breakfast (some kind of crispy pancake made by mother) and we are taken to a local waterfall for a swim. Despite my dubiousness it really is very pleasant and we while away an hour or so there.

After lunch it’s back to Kuching in the van with several of the family who are heading off to KL for some purpose which is unclear.

Today is the post Ramadan Holiday, Hari Raya, so pretty much everything is closed, including many of the bars and restaurants in the district.

There are a couple of boat tour operators however and we take one in a traditional sampan. Despite being clearly marked for 12 passengers only they load on 23 (many of whom are children). As is that’s not bad enough it becomes quite clear that the bilge is full of water as it rocks alarmingly if anyone moves.

Mercifully the weather cuts the trip short as the heavens open and we return moistly back to our starting point.

The best looking open restaurant that we see is the Barber’s. We’re conscious that we don’t want to go too far in the rain and that’s it. The experience starts well but it becomes clear the Manuel from Fawlty Towers has been used as a role model for training the staff. Very disappointing.P1110246