This company UK Car Rental Limited have caused me nothing but trouble. 

The biggest hassle by far was them changing the car rental supplier from Alamo to Europcar with out letting me know. Hence we arrived at Heathrow airport, after 24 hours on a plane, to find no car at Alamo and no knowledge of one.

The emergency phone goes directly to voice mail. Their regular phone costs heaps, has a minutes worth of advert and is not answered promptly.

They were so bad I even wrote a letter of complaint and guess what? No reply

The final straw is that they have billed me for the insurance waiver already paid to Europcar. Despite many weeks I was not managed to get them to reverse this and had to get the Visa people to do it.

The sole redeeming feature was that the buggers were cheap.  I'd suggest you try who served us very well this year.

You have been warned!