The UK seems to be full of people. The crowds are so large in London, on public transport, in all the shops and cafes, it's hard to imagine how people cope. I see this morning on the news that the London orbital ring motorway is blocked in two places and 'traffic queues are building rapidly'. I'll just bet.

Yet, despite this the British government are set upon building more houses in and around London. Worse yet the plan is to 'release' Green Belt, the green field reserves around the capital. You can only conclude that the government is looking for an increased population to fuel more economic growth.

Curiously all the people I have met think that the South East is already overcrowded enough and are concerned about excessive immigration into the county. Spending hours to get to work, lack of rural areas for recreation, un-affordability of entry level housing, access to  education and health services, urban crime and overcrowding are already major issues for most.

Complex problems usually need complex solutions but it is often possible to improve matters simply or at least avoid making maters worse. In this case building more houses for more people would seem the worst of all possible measures so far as the residents are concerned. At least if no more houses are built then the population can only remain more or less static and if the Green Belt is retained some rural space will remain for recreation.

Somehow we need to find a way to improve prosperity without destroying the quality of peoples lives. More roads, more traffic, less open space, greater population density may be profitable and lead to economic growth but at what point is enough enough?

Compare the South East with the wide open spaces of Wales and its virtual absence of overcrowding with the mire that is London. Surely even the Mandarins of Whitehall must have already noticed that all is not well outside the leafy upper class ghettos of Belgravia and Knightsbridge?

Small wonder the young are increasingly disaffected. Isn't it time to start fixing things rather than continuing to concrete over the country?