The sign outside claims that they are build a world class airport at London Heathrow's Terminal 3. I've been traveling through Terminal 3 since they built it and it's done nothing except get worse.

The present ruin is (or should be) an embarrassment to the BAA and the Government alike and is only fit for bulldozing. The traveling public will find it hard to avoid making comparisons with places like Kuala Lumpur and Singapore which, over the same period as Terminal 3 has stood, have gone from sweaty, fly blown, sheds to fabulous world class facilities.

So perhaps Terminal 5 will solve the problem, at least as far as BA travelers are concerned, but I won't be holding my breath. The rest of the airport is a sorry joke which gives no reason to believe that Terminal 5 will be anything more than another band-aid to an appallingly overcrowded and terminally run down facility.

My pick is that the state of Heathrow is simply a reflection of the hideous overcrowding that is now endemic in the London area (see elsewhere in this blog). Cure? No I don't have one. One thing I do know is that unless the people who use Heathrow start complaining about the state of the place then the Government have no reason to fix it.

The problems of Heathrow and Terminal 3 in particular don't affect those who have the money or the political status to travel by chauffeured helicopter and private jet via the VIP Lounges. The only way they find out is if we tell them.

In the meantime don't believe the sign outside, it's bollox. Pick regional airports as far away from Heathrow as possible.