The British seem intent on blaming Europe for the ills of the UK yet, to the outside observer, the blame seems misplaced. In a recent trip I have seen three examples which may not be right but here goes:

First immigration into the UK is apparently huge. Everyone says so. It seems as if every service industry is dominated by Eastern Europeans, Poles, Czechs, Lithuanians whatever. Trouble is if it were not for these people who would be doing this work?

The UK has a long history of immigration. the time for discussion of whether this is a 'good thing' was long ago, probably in the 1960's when it first came to the publics attention. Now it's far, far too late, moreover the country seems to depend on immigrant labour to keep it running.

The changes to the structure and composition of the British society are have been far reaching and for those of us who have been gone for over thirty years the place is hardly recognisable. Further immigration of people prepared to work can now only be a good thing. The unforgivable part is that young people from the old colonies such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada are kept out or placed on severely limited visas despite sharing a common language and cultural heritage, unlike many of the European Union and Asian immigrants.

The second example of benefits deriving from the EU was the push for introducing the metric system and discarding the incomprehensible imperial system of bushels, pecks, stones and other archaic measures. To demonstrate the merits of change only requires that you attempt to explain the old currency of Pounds, Shillings and Pence to anyone under the age of, oh, say 30. You will be greeted by a bewildered and uncomprehending stare.

Now the EU have backed down on insisting the UK complete the change to metrication leaving the two systems operating side by side in an  impossible muddle.

Finally the UK Government, driven I am sure by the Banks, have done a superb sales job to convince the public that it is in the public interests to retain the Pound rather than adopt the Euro.

Little could be further from the truth (except of course the other great lies of our time - Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction and 'a cheque is in the mail'). The reality is that the UK banks impose an effective tax of at least 3% on every trade or transaction with the rest of Europe. So every holiday to the Continent  costs 3% extra, every product imported from Europe costs three percent extra, every sale made into Europe the banks rip off three percent. What a great busniess

Worse yet tourists to the UK are ripped off by money changers and the Government is able to conceal the much higher cost of living in the UK from the public. You have to wonder how this can be a good idea?

Joe public is once again manipulated into supporting and perpetuating the rule of Whitehall. Yes Minister!