v6actnow_logoIf so there is a question you need to ask but first some background.

You may have heard that the Internet is running out of addresses. This is rather like the telephone company running out of phone numbers and just as serious. Twenty years ago nobody would have anticipated that this could happen and it is a tribute to the success of the Internet and its pervasiveness.

Depending on how you count there will be no more addresses mid 2011 , or evan as soon as late 2010. Not everywhere will run out at once as some countries/service providers have more in hand than others. None the less the increase in devices that want to connect (phones, cameras, iPads and the like) mean it will happen and soon.

Unfortunately the cure for this lack of numbers has turned out to be both simple and complicated at the same time. It's simple because there are new - much longer – addresses and all the technology for this works. On the other hand it's complicated because the new numbers cannot easily 'talk' to the old ones.

From the web site operator's point of view you need to ask your supplier what their plan is for deploying these new addresses (technically called IPv6) as your web site will need one so people with only new addresses can access it. The same will apply to your email service as you will, in time, want to correspond with people with only the new addresses.

All this is no great drama if you act now. Everything you need is available and there are (or should be) ample support resource to make the necessary changes. If you have a service provider who can't provide you with one of the new addresses and has no plan to do so it would be a good time to think about a change.

Of course you could wait until everyone all needs a new address but there may be a queue.

You could check if your web site is available on the new address scheme. Take a look through here. You need to look a way down the page for this: