iphoneI've talked about smart phones before but been a little suspicious of the hype about Apple's iPhone. When the third incarnation came around, the iPhone 3GS, I decided to take another look.

Apple have fixed the show stoppers I had with the earlier version by adding 'copy and paste', for me a must have function, adding blue-tooth for hands free in the car and including a battery that actually lets you use the phone all day. There are still some quibbles but the overall experience is stunningly good.

The included GPS combinded with Google Maps is more than a replacement for a street map, the included iPod functions are great music player, email and web access is fine for occasional use and the on screen keyboard really does work. As you'd expect the while thing integrates seamlessly with the Mac but it's not far from the mark with Windows.

Essentially it raises the bar for smartphones and offers a real alternative to carrying a laptop. As a business tool for staying in touch it rates as a 'must have'. ★★★★★