Wait just a moment. There's some new technology about at Sonos.

Many of you will have gone digital with an iPod's or the like which probably means iTunes or some other music library on your computer? Well why not play music directly from the computer? The problem would be wires all around the house and is just too much to bear right?

Well Sonos have really figured this out and have a series of wireless units that link together and back to the music library on your computer. Same music in several rooms? No problem. Different music in different rooms? No problem either.

img_4384There's a review of the system here at Automated Home .

The only drawback in some countries such as NZ is that the price is very high compared with the USA. Not just a bit high but double. This is discussed as length in the Sonos Forums and the upshot is you can buy from the US and save a bundle but they'd prefer it if you didn't. Take a look at www.buyusa.co.nz to see how you might buy direct, if you wanted to save your money.