It's wet out thereEngine Start 60.8 Finish 65.8 -  5.0 hours
Distance 6.5 miles 14 Locks

Wet, wet, wet, is the only way to describe the weather. Jennifer left us after lunch at Malkins Bank Golf course where she was able to get a taxi to Crewe railway station and was almost directly onto a train back to London and work at the Barley Mow for the weekend.

We had a very brief excursion to a dairy to pick up some OJ and a paper but otherwise we were moored up before 5pm and waiting for the rain to stop. We've started to get back near 'civilisation', we saw several yobs hanging about in the rain which gave us pause about leaving the boat while we went to the pub.

Old and NewCommon sense won and rather than being prisoners of our own possessions we went to the pub. The Broughton Arms at Rode Heath offers reasonable food at a reasonable (for this country) price.

On the subject of price every time we come to the UK we note that prices are yet higher than ever before. You'd have to wonder what the government and banks here are up to and how they can lie so brazenly about inflation. This country desperately needs some change to bring some honesty back into the financial system. Perhaps it is just coincidence that everything is cheaper in Europe where they have the Euro and some indeopendent oversight? (something the UK government seem desperate to avoid)

The photo is of the lock with the M6 in the background. (the traffic is stationary southbound too)