Jenn & Charlotte in LockEngine Start 55.1 Finish 60.8 -  5.7 hours
Distance 9 miles 7 Locks

The longest day today and we actually got drenched. The rain started just as we were committed to entering Middlewich Junction. This is a complicated T junction with a lock on either side and a water point in the middle where we needed to fill up. The entire process took well over an hour and the heavy rain just fell and fell and fell.

We are starting to approach more built up areas now. Middlewich Junction is built under (or has later been crossed by) a busy main road (the A533). It's an odd feeling after a week in rural England to step through a little gate and find yourself in the bustle, dirt and noise of the 21st Century.

Another BBQA visit to Middlewich to find a shop (more supplies required) found it to be an very ordinary little town with a splendid church isolated for some reason on a traffic island. You'd have thought that with a little imagination something better could be done?

Luckily the sun came out and dried up the rain and the intsiy wintsy canal boat came out again. A little bird tells me that they are snowed in in Wanaka, so I think we might be a bit warmer than there.

Yes, another BBQ to round off the day.