Leaping from gate to gateEngine Start 44.8 Finish 50.4 -  5.6 hours
Distance  5.5 miles 17 Locks

Well yes, it's not very far but it takes ages getting through the locks especially if you have to fill almost all of them before you can get in to go down. I think the idea is that 3 locks are equivalent to 1 miles travel.

Locks are also a good source of 'canal rage', some people appear to forget why they are on narrow boats, it's certainly not because you plan to go anywhere in a hurry.. We had some of the boat people shouting at each other and in one case shouting at us to hurry up. We ignored them and tied up for lunch instead. Jennifer shouted 'keep it down there' at one chap and then hid. He thought it was Mary who was sitting minding her own business.

The picture shows Charlotte risking life and limb to avoid having to walk right around the lock to open the other gate. I presume the whole thing is quite good exercise though, walking to and fro, between locks winding paddles up, opening and shutting gates? Probably not as good as a big run but there you are.

Comms RoomThe Ordinance Survey map shows a 'Secret Nuclear Bunker' which, after a walk through several cow and cow pat infested fields, turns out to be a cold war relic now open to the public. It is truly the most horrible and frightening testament to the stupidity and arrogance of our leaders.

The Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker (www.hackgreen.co.uk) should be a mandatory part of the school curriculum, seems than Charlotte knew nothing about the Cold War and the bomb shelter mentality that it generated. There are even big electronic scoreboards down there to show how many 'hits' there were. Literally hundreds of millions of pounds were spent building and equipping  this one facility, clearly with idea that you could wage a nuclear war and 'win'. Madness.

SwitchboardThe worst part is that the governments of many countries still insist on this crazy deterrent strategy with fleets of nuclear submarines and thousands of missiles in silos.
There is a quote from Albert Einstein writ large on one of the walls. "if the next war is fought with nuclear weapons then the one after that will be fought with bows and arrows". I suspect that may be "if at all".

We moored up half a mile of so further on in a splendid isolated part of the country, not even a telegraph pole to be seen. BBQ steak for our anniversary dinner and then the rain (thunder and lightning and the works) came down. Followed this with cards. Don't pick Mary as your partner, she has a different way of playing.