What ropes do to cast ironEngine Start 33.5  Finish 38.8 - 5.3 hours (2.5 yesterday)
Distance 14 miles (5 miles yesterday)

A bit too much headache juice last night, Mary made me drink it. Honest. Perhaps if the BBQ had been ready a bit earlier (putting the lid on puts the charcoal out). Of course asking a non drinker to go and buy wine may not be the smartest move either.

The picture shows the cast iron protectors that the canal builders put onto the corners of their bridges to protect them from the tow ropes. Some of the protectors are almost cut through.

Made it another 14 miles along the Shropshire Union Canal to just west of High Offley near Shebdon. All stunning rural countryside interspersed with the odd farm, pub and very little canal traffic, quite a few moored narrowboats however.

The weather couldn't make up it's mind but didn't actually rain. Sweaters on, sweaters off.

A couple of excursions to the very pretty village of Brewood (pronounced Brood) to buy coffee and some other forgotten provisions and a walk to the Loynton Moss where keeping to the footpath is seriously recommended. Fresh eggs bought for lunch near Wheaton Aston were delicious.

The girls join us tomorrow which will be nice but it's also nice to have a little time to ourselves.