Gmail-Logo-by-ncrowI've had a few unhappy days with the new Gmail Compose feature that has just been rolled out to all Gmail users.

I have been a great fan of the Gmail Cloud as one of the best email services available with a simple, functional interface. Sadly this has changed with the new compose feature which I have found frustrating beyond words. Search for "Post Feedback Here on the New Compose Options".

Fortunately there is a way to revert to the old compose by kidding Google that you are using IE8.

This works (2 Sept 2013) despite Google turning off the "Temporarily use the old compose feature" 

  1. Run Chrome (Googles browser)
  2. Click Windows>Extensions>Get More Extensions
  3. Search for and install "User-Agent-Switcher"
  4. Use the switcher (icon top right) to change to Internet Explorer 8
  5. Job done.

This proceedure works on my Mac so does not require IE8 (or any other IE version to be installed.

The only snag is that all tabs/windows in Chrome then think they are using IE8 but there's always Firefox for other things.