AWSWith the closure of Primary Focus  the server that hosts this blog and a couple of other sites has to be closed or moved. I covered a lot of options, mostly web hosting or virtual servers, but nothing really seemed to get great reviews or be really cost effective and flexible. Hosting at home seemed an option but failures can be difficult to deal with remotely and performance is an issue

The sites I host need very little horsepower to run but I want them to be responsive and scalable in the unlikely case of need.

Finally I went back to Amazon Web Services which have the most complex charging model but are offering a year of a free "micro" server for new customers.

Getting to grips with the AWS service was a little difficult but the documentation is good and it works really well. You are reading this on a Ubuntu server micro instance currently running in Singapore. I shall certainly be signing up for a paid for server once the free trial ends (a three year deal is very attractively priced).

I'm certainly not suggesting that AWS will suit everyone but for the technically inclined the free tier deal is an excellent way to find out if it does.