Hucknall under Huthwaite



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allsop, Emma  16 Sep 1806Hucknall under Huthwaite I1356
2 Barnes, Benjamin  Abt 1871Hucknall under Huthwaite I5779
3 Barnes, Elizabeth  Abt 1867Hucknall under Huthwaite I5778
4 Barnes, John  Abt 1828Hucknall under Huthwaite I5776
5 Barnes, Joseph  Abt 1860Hucknall under Huthwaite I5777
6 Burton, Ann  7 Jun 1832Hucknall under Huthwaite I1363
7 Burton, John  30 Jul 1834Hucknall under Huthwaite I1361
8 Burton, Mary  22 Nov 1843Hucknall under Huthwaite  I1127
9 Burton, Ralph  22 Jul 1798Hucknall under Huthwaite I1355
10 Burton, Selina  23 Jun 1829Hucknall under Huthwaite I1360
11 Burton, William  5 Jun 1837Hucknall under Huthwaite I1362
12 Gelsthorpe, Adah  Abt 1867Hucknall under Huthwaite I1147
13 Gelsthorpe, Albert  Abt 1870Hucknall under Huthwaite I2993
14 Gelsthorpe, Caroline  Abt 1875Hucknall under Huthwaite I2995
15 Gelsthorpe, Frederick  Abt 1865Hucknall under Huthwaite I2992
16 Gelsthorpe, John  Abt 1872Hucknall under Huthwaite I2994
17 Gelsthorpe, Thomas Andrew  Abt 1878Hucknall under Huthwaite I2996
18 Gelsthorpe, William  Abt 1842Hucknall under Huthwaite I2990
19 Goddard, William Vardy  16 Apr 1881Hucknall under Huthwaite I1154
20 Smith, Charles  Abt 1845Hucknall under Huthwaite I5320
21 Smith, Martha Jane  Abt 1880Hucknall under Huthwaite I5325
22 Smith, William Vardy  Abt 1877Hucknall under Huthwaite I5324
23 Vardy, Catherine  10 Nov 1840Hucknall under Huthwaite I1114
24 Vardy, Catherine  Abt 1875Hucknall under Huthwaite I5323
25 Vardy, Charles Henry  Abt 1868Hucknall under Huthwaite I5142
26 Vardy, George  Abt 1873Hucknall under Huthwaite I5322
27 Vardy, John  Abt 1834Hucknall under Huthwaite I2874
28 Vardy, John Thomas  Abt 1869Hucknall under Huthwaite I5143
29 Vardy, Mark  Abt 1829Hucknall under Huthwaite I2873
30 Vardy, Mary  Abt 1871Hucknall under Huthwaite I5321


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adlington, Hannah  27 Jan 1869Hucknall under Huthwaite I4616
2 Vardy, Charles  1874Hucknall under Huthwaite I4677

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