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Marriage search using Jane Rycroft gives marriageDec Quarter 1865 Burnley 8e 331 Feels right 
Rycroft, Mary Jane (I2869)
Parish Register for Alvah F H L British film 990814 Microfilm reel 35 mm Vault British film 102396
Parish registers 1717--1854 Church of Scotland Parish church of Alvah
Microfilm of OPR ms 146 New Register house Edinburgh Contents v i Baptisms 1718-1819 Marriages 1720-1819
Baptisms 1820-1854 Marriages 1820-1854

On the Family search internet submitter for Christian Chalmers is Peter Chalmers 10 Craigholm Road Ayr Ayrshire Scotland UK KA7 3LJ
Some doubt arises regarding Christian's parents The brothers Walter and Alexander both had girls of this name at about the same time (and place) On consultation with both Peter Chalmers and Delan Chalmers we agreed that Walters girl was the most likely
Therefore Christian daughter of Walter and Christian Webster is assumed to be our Girl
She married twice (1) George Scott 25 Oct 1810 Alvah George died at age 35, 3rd June 1821 She then married William Gray on 9th Feb 1822 also in Alvah
Death 16 June1871 married to William Gray crofter he is also informant registered Banff registrar is Robert Leask date 17 June 1871 Father was Walter Chalmers and mother Christian Webster (both deceased )Death not certified at Wardend Banff Cause of death given as old age and disability
Christian appears on a headstone in Alvah with the Scott family and no mention of her marriage to William Gray 
Chalmers, Christian (I2408)
Submitter and correspondent Les Whittingham has produced an Alexander tied by marriage to Marjory (May) Mitchell and his link up seems decisive so I now favour his Alexander giving the nessary link to son William 
Gray, Alexander (I2450)
The Census for 1861 lists William Gray and his wife Christian living at the same address as Alexander Gray and I think they are related and they may be father and son, in which case we have gone back another generation Confirmation is needed by way of a birth for Alexander Gray
Copy of birth Baptismal record received from GRO Edinburgh for son Alexander Gray shows parents to be William Gray farmer and wife Christian Chalmers of Wardend Banff as suspected. Baptism was 19 Aug 1824
Details of marriage found on family search IGI between William and Christian Chalmers
Search for Baptism of William and also wife Christian not successful on IGI programme suggestion try Parish church register OPR's on FLH film 990814
Later search for Birth and baptism of Catherine Chambers found on IGI giving names of parents and incorporated
William remains elusive There is an IGI entry for William but no date other than Abt 1797
His age on the 1861 Census put him a little earlier and younger than his wife
Now I have contact with the Chalmers family Peter in Ayr and Declan in Cork. They have William born Abt 1785, 12 years earlier, occupation carpenter.
The Declan Chalmers website supplies parents Alexander Gray and Marjory Mitchell no dates but 2 children William and James Makes a rough fit
Further IGI search gives a possible William Gray christened 29July 1792 Banff, father James Gray mother Jean Morrison Discussion via e-mail with Peter and Declan Chambers gains agreement on Christian as daughter of Walter Chalmers all circumstantial best fit
Peter Chalmers sends details of Jennifer Gray from New York Jennifer has James and Alexander Gray as brothers and Alexander father to William
Les Whittingham produces death certificate William Gray pauper formerly carpenter widower of Christian Chalmers father Alexander Gray notified by son William 13 Nov 1878 Registered Marnoch by William Christie
1841Census gives William at Wardend age rounded to 45 with Christian 50 and children Alexander 16 George 12 and Mary10
Census of 1851 has Mary dau. age19 employed at home plus Georgina Cook grand daughter age 4 also present
1871 Census gives William age 76 still Little Wardend now Cart Wright and wife Christian age 85 Christian Bain with them at age 18 domestic servant but name indicates she is relative G- grandson age 1 of Banff, Gamrie is named James Gregor 
Gray, William (I2407)
5 !881 Census Dwelling 26 Albert Road Place Tonbridge Kent Head age 25 Builders Clerk with wife Annie Prinnet Trill, Harold (I1315)
6 Free BMD site gives a birth date for William Adlington as March 1842 Mansfield (which covers Sutton in Ashfield ) Numbers for the issue of a certificate are Mansfield 15 page 535 His birth certificate gives 4th Jan 1842 place Club Row Sutton in Ashfield father Thomas Adlington occupation joiner mother Mary Vallance
Search today (17th May O4) for marriage to Mary Burton produces blank for years1864 1865 1866 and 1867on Gov. site "1837 online" With first born George arriving in 1867 they may have married earlier (or later) Marriage not found search 1860 thru 1870 Information from Sheila Clark today 22 July 2005 gives marriage March 13th 1864 St Marys Sutton in Ashfield Witnesses are Matthew Allsop and Elizabeth Allsop (Thanks Sheila) Strangely the certificate shows Marys father as Robert Burton collier where family legend has Ralph Burton occupation FWK (frame work knitter)
The 1871 Census Hucknall shows Wm Adlington miner age29 with his wife Mary age 26 occupation seamer and two children George age 4 and Arthur age 1 No address given
William Addlington occupation Coal miner is listed on the 1881 census at address Alsop yard with his father Thomas Adlington occupation Joiner although William is stated to be the Head
William Adlington is married age 38 born Sutton in Ashfield I thought at first he may be visiting although I cannot rule out separation from his wife Mary (Burton) She is listed as head of the house at Mill Lane also married with three children and the census states they are living apart They subsequently resumed as man and wife as they had a further child Annie Elizabeth born 1885

The 1901 Census gives William Addlington living at Sutton Road (Mill Lane is just off Sutton Rd )
He is aged 58 occupation Coal miner hewer, born Hucknall Notts He is living with his wife Mary Adlington (nee Burton) They have daughter Annie E aged 15 born Hucknall Notts, employment status "undefined" at home and also daughter Mary Emma Weston, married, aged 24, with her husband Andrew Weston He is aged 29 occupation coal miner born Heage Derbyshire
William Adlington was referred to as" Black Adlington" by his grandson Ernest He had a reputation as a drinker and on one occasion when he arrived home the worse for wear he chased his wife across a field and she suffered a miscarriage as a result
Of the children I have no evidence for a Hannah although my wife Joan has her listed on a family tree she made when age16 I tend to believe that Hannah died when very young
Further search has located this child the first born on 9th Feb 1862 and death at age 3
William died 17 Jan 1908 address on death certificate is Windmill Cottages Huthwaite age 65 years cause of death Cardiac Disease and informant is G B Adlington son present at the death He is buried in Huthwaite cemetery 
Adlington, William (I1126)
7 Husband Ernest together with his father in law founded a department store in Vienna named Stone and Blyth This remained in family hands until 1914 when it was taken over by the government Blyth, Ellen (I5676)
8 9 children Wolfsbauer, Bartholomew Mathias (I5734)
9 Aberdeen and North East Scotland Family History Society report Rayne/ 1866/27---
Margaret Yule Florence widow of John Florence died 24.12.1866 at Rosseat Wartle Rayne aged 65 years
Father was John Yule stone dyker deceased mother Agnes nee Cooper deceased
Informant was son William Florence 
Yule, Margaret (I3438)
10 Catherine's first marriage is to William Chapman (family legend) second is to George Hall Goddard
Unable to locate death of William Chapman. marriage details uncertain as no definite records come up on search
Later research in Feb 2007 suggests it may not have been William Chapman she married as daughter Rebecca's marriage certificate to Job Southern gives the father as Robert Chapman (deceased)
Search for her birth details on 1837 site but without result years 1841 1842 1843 1844 but birth located in the last quarter of 1840 under Mansfield vol XV page562 Margaret Hunter supplies day month10th Nov 1840
No need for certificate as parentage not in doubt
Marriage to Robert Haywood Chapman occupation tailor age 21dated Easter Monday 1862 is confirmed by marriage certificate Sutton Catherine is age 21 and misspelt Catharine and Charlotte crossed out correction is initialled by the incumbent and witnessed by George Heathcote and Rebecca Vardy Her occupation is given as Seamer Both sign with their mark Fathers are David Chapman and William Vardy
Marriage to George Goddard is believed to be in Dec quarter 1877 7b page123 but she is named as Catherine Haywood (twice) Again this may tie in with her Rebecca who is named as Rebecca Haywood Chapman June quarter 1862 Mansfield 7b page 71 certificate awaited
Search for death on Free BMD site as Catherine Goddard nearest is March 1910 Chesterfield 7b 380 but I am not convinced as we have 1914 from family recollection and Chesterfield is unlikely
Date of death from family letters is confirmed as19 Jan 1914 
Vardy, Catherine (I1114)
11 Chocolate manufacturer Birmingham
Richard married Elizabeth Adlington who died young perhaps in childbirth He later married Emma Jane Wilson
It is thought he lost interest in the business but his sons Barrow 1862 1958 and William Adlington 1867 1957 and Richard 1868 1935 developed the business They lived in Edgebaston and later in Kings Norton 
Cadbury, Richard (I5791)
12 Divorced in 1978
In 1979 Diana remarried and emigrated to New Zealand with the children 
Mayo, Diana (I1206)
13 farn Servant Died age 30 of Typhiod Fever at Yonderton Cobairtly Forgue death registered by George Stevenson His spouse was Jane Hosie Stevenson, William (I3796)
14 Grant youngest child of David and Ester was born Sept 28 1928 and died in October 1929
Grant is buried in the Falher Cemetery near his Grandma Howie's grave 
Howie, Grant (I262)
15 Hannah Adlington Christening 18 Nov 1806 father is John Adlington mother is Martha a repeat of Hannah 21 April 1811 both born Sutton in Ashfield Same parents
The first Hannah did not survive and the name was recycled 
Adlington, Hannah (I3649)
16 I cannot find Frederick on the 1881 census His father has died his sister Rebecca is living with her grandparents His other sister Eliza is living with her mother who has remarried There is no trace of the two boys but there is no doubt about Frederick William D Chapman as his birth is listed under Mansfield June quarter 1868 7b 68 and I have the exact date as 27 May 1868
Free BMD gives a death for Frederick Chapman Dec quarter 1868 age 0 Mansfield 7b page50

A Frederick Chapman appears in the 1901 Census at Address Park Road Mansfield Woodhouse Notts
His occupation is given as Blacksmith (worker) He is married with 3 children
I have no real proof that he is the Frederick William Chapman I have listed with his sisters and a brother
My wife is uncertain about both the brothers so I have to leave a question mark over this entry but they are shown on her family tree drawn when she was 16
I started out with the opinion that both boys may have died in infancy or childhood and that the blacksmith Frederick I have located above is not "ours" It may well be that Frederick died in infancy only a few months old and his brother Albert died at age 10 
Chapman, Frederick William (I2882)
17 I knew my grandfather from my earliest days at Baldyquash Cottages What a lovely man he was
I only knew him for a few brief years This photo was taken in 1900 and the grandfather I knew had a white beard
Robert Alexander took over as tenant of the family croft at Wartle from his parents He was a kindly man hard working and a proficient carpenter making much of his own furniture From the Moss of Wartle the estate tenants were entitled to cut peat for winter fuel
Heather was also harvested for house thatch Whatever may be said in its favour for this purpose it did tend to dry out and windy weather had the household out of bed adding extra rapes and weights to hold it down
(My mother had a lifelong dread of windy nights there after) 
Alexander, Robert (I219)
18 Jane Jaffrey was not married to Alexander Ross but had a child by him Whether this was the Ross who took over the tenancy of the farm when Leslie Jaffrey died and eventually purchased it I cannot say at this stage but it seems probable (Yes it was confirmed later)
Jane had a second child this time by father John Shand She married John Shand at Oyne on the 25th Nov 1881when she was 31 years of age and he was 24 Her address at this time is given as Templand Culsalmond She is described as a spinster

A curious item appears in the 1881 Census at dwelling Old Smiddy Forgue The Head of household John Shand was not at home when the enumerator called but his wife was She is named as head of household, Isabella (John) Shand which suggests they are parted There is a 7 month old baby John Jaffrey Shand there described as son but unlikely to belong to the 51 year old wife Isabella The assumption has to be that the boy is the son of our couple and he is left with the grandmother until they marry as they do later that year

Looking further on, to the 1891 census searching for Jean we come across an entry which shows John Shand a widower age 36 farming at Skirts of Foudland employing a general servant age forty something and a son John age 10 living there If I have the right John Shand it suggest that Jean died sometime between 1881 and 1891
Further search gives the death of Jane age 34 years at 11.45pm on Jan 30th 1885 at Woodside Culsalmond She was married to John Shand crofter Cause of death is Bronchitis and certified by Patrick Mitchell MD Her parents are named as Leslie Jaffrey and Jane Jaffrey (m s Smith) so she is fully identified 
Jaffray, Jane (I97)
19 John Jaffrey was a farmer in Loanhead, Leochel Cushnie near Alford
The Old Parish Registers did not consider it necessary to mention the name of his wife when recording the baptism of their children A common omission at the time
The only potential marriage around 1736 identified in Family Search is that of John Jaffray and Jannet Mitchell which took place in Peterhead in that year rather a long way from Alford in those days

My guess at this chaps birth/ christening would be Abt 1700 to 1710 and his parent might possibly be William Jaffrey ch 12 Feb 1681
This particular William is known to be son of Duncan Jaffrey who married Margaret Smith 28 Nov 1697 in Leochel-Cushnie
I would like to suggest search for 1696 Poll tax book scan for Jaffrey also search for landed gentry landlords of Loanhead and estate records on site or local record offices 
Jaffray, John (I1)
20 Marriage cert for daughter Rebecca Chapman gives Robert Chapman as father not William as in family recollection
I have applied for a marriage certificate quoting Catherine Vardy June 1862 Mansfield 7b page107 in the belief that che is married to a Robert Chapman not William Chapman and that the data we hold is incorrect
This certificate shows Robert Heywood Chapman as age 21 Occupation Tailor the marriage on Easter Monday 1862 This would give Robert's birth year as 1841 his date of death was before his daughter Rebessa married so we can say died before 1882 
Chapman, Robert Heywood (I1115)
21 No marriage has been found for this couple but otherwise they fit having the children listed by baptism
One weak point is that the name of the mother Elspet is not repeated by successive generations 
Gray, Alexander (I2500)
22 Samuel Goddard attended Williams wedding as witness may well be brother Also appears in evidence at Court Appeal Goddard, Samuel (I4301)
23 The IGI entry for son Thomas Adlington gives us father John Adlington and mother Martha no maiden name Baptism records St Marys Sutton in Ashfield also give this information for the other children

I have located a suitable Martha who married a John Adlington in South Normanton The IGI gives John Adlington married 14 June1804 South Normanton to Mary Moore I believe they had 7 children and tragically 5 died in infancy and are buried in the churchyard of St Marys Sutton in Ashfield Further proof of marriage from register South Nornanton 1804 June 14 by banns John Adlington of Sutton in Ashfield Martha Moore of the parish WitnessesThomas Moore Jnr and Elen Wass

Looking for a death for John Adlington I have March quarter 1841 Mansfield 15 page 383
Information from Jim Adlington of Australia states that John was a joiner This is a most critical piece of the jigsaw as his son Thomas is also a joiner and tends to confirm my choice Enter Sheila Clark with evidence Baptism records from Sutton in Ashfield give Thomas baptised 21 Feb 1813 father John Adlington mother Martha Fathers occupation joiner Additionally when son Thomas remarries late in life (1874) his wedding certificate shows father John as joiner
I am more and more inclined to the view that although I have the right John and Martha Moore the date of birth/christening first used belonged to another John from Derbyshire and our chap is from Nottinghamshire This led for a time to having a wrong parent and climbing up the wrong tree
There is evidence that our John married twice His first wife Martha Moore died in 1815 A death certificate shows Mary Adlington (nee Shacklock) died 21 Dec 1871 age 78 widow of John Adlington joiner E Handley in attendance is informant
Marriage entry for John Adlington parish Sutton in Ashfield year 1836 John Adlington widower and Mary Shacklock spinster by banns 28 Nov 1836
A will was drawn by John dated 2nd of July 1840 leaving his estate to his dear wife Mary for the remainder of her natural life then to his two surviving children son Thomas and dau Mary The will was proved in 1841
Sutton church yard has a gravestone for a John Adlington 5 Jan 1841age 67 years This is "our" John Also buried there are both his wives and five of his children
In his will proved 1841 John left a sum of £4 to Rosamund Butler daughter of Ann Butler "to be applied to the purpose of putting her to school to learn to read and write" Rosamund Butler was baptised at Sutton 21st Mar 1834 In June 1834 a maintenance order was made in Nottingham Ann Butler single woman bastardy order for a female child b 8th Feb1834 putative father Thomas Adlington of Sutton in Ashfield Ann went on to marry James Dove in 1837and in the 1841 Census is living with him and dau Rosamund age 5 plus son William age 3 Ann died in Aug 1845 age 34 years James Dove remarried widow Miriam Taylor at Sutton 12 Oct 1853 She lived next door on tne 1851 Census Rosamund married William Mellors in July 1858 William signed and Rosamund made her mark X She died aged 56 on the 20th Mar 1895 and is buried at Sutton in Ashfield Maybe the £4 went to a more pressing need 
Adlington, John (I1130)
24 Two possibilities for Andrew born 1706 or 1696 according to descendant Shirley Hartley of Canada Present day members of the Florence family seem to have decided on Andrew born 1696 and following him son John as registered below in Sept 1725

From the register of Births and Baptisms dated 19 Sept 1725 Fyvie " Andrew Florence in Kinbrune had a child baptised called John Witness James Florence and James Crookshank Oct 4th "

A further alternative Andrew Florence is commerated in Fyvie kirkyard and this line has been developed as another branch of the Florence family and not a direct relative
Fyvie Kirkyard Plot 348 Monumental inscription "Here lyes in hope etc. the body of Andrew Florence sometime in Kinbriend died 25 Aug1731 aged 51 and Jannet Ewan his spouse sometime in Hillhead of Balthelnie died 29 Aug 1767 aged 80 This stone is erected to their memory by James Florence their Dutefull son (Bottom motto) 
Florence, Andrew (I3094)
25 !841 Census Address Calthorpe Street Edgbaston Birmingham
John Cadbury is 35 Tea dealer born Warwickshire
His wife Candia is also 35 born outside Census County
Children are John age 4 Richard age 5 Maria age 3 and George age 1
There are three female servants in the house
The Cadbury family were Quakers
1881 Census John Cadbury age 79 born Birmingham Widower living with dau Maria unmarried age 43 born Edgebaston with three servants at 10 Hadborough Road Edgebaston 
Cadbury, John (I5794)
26 !841 census Little Moor near Newton derbyshire George is age 30 farmer His wife Ellen is 25 and three children Frances age 5 Wiliam age 3 and George age1
!861 Census George Adlington is widower age 52 retired farmer and boarder with Beeson Longmale and wife Sarah at little Moor Tibshelf Also boarding is his son George age 21 unmarried
In the 1871 Census Beeson has died Sarah married Walter Gaskin
George was Farmer and Victualler who sold land to Blackwell mine and Midland railway lived Littlemoor 
Adlington, George (I5475)
27 !851 Census Deskford Banffshire gives Ann Gray as head of household She is a widow age 52 and midwife She has two daughters Jane Smith age 30 married, farm labourers wife, and Elspet Smith age 28 unmarried, midwife, employed at home, both girls born Fordyce
Also listed is grandson Gordon Cameron age 7 months a plasterers son born Deskford and another grandson Innes Smith also 7 months farm labourers son born Deskford
Last on the list is John Smith son in law age 33 farm labourer born Rathven I surmise that he is husband of Jane both with surname of Smith and also father of infant Innes
Death certificate for Ann in 1857 gives her name as Ann Smith, Midwife and Widow She is age 59 and the informant is her son in law John Smith However we have her father given as James Gray, Agricultural Labourer deceased, not as I have it Alexander Gray although her mother is stated to be May Gray maiden name Mitchell This discrepancy regarding the father also occurs with her sister Janet's death and I am unable to explain it 
Gray, Ann (I2463)
28 !851 census shows William as farmer of 14 acres at Drum of Cartle employs 1 labourer born Rayne single and head of household
His mother Margaret is living therewidow age 52 born Tough
Sister Ann is married and is now Mrs Souter and John Souter is with her age 10 months both born Rayne
Sister Helen is 13 born Rayne 
Florence, William (I2224)
29 !851Census H102 folio 402 p12 St Peter Derby
Address 52 Wilmot Street
William Adlington head age 38 Tailor employing three Apprentoces Keturah, tailors wife age 36
William son age 14 Music scholar Jonathan son Music scholar Ann daughter age 10 Music scholar

1861Census RG 9 2501 fo;io22 P2 St Peter Derby
Address 14 Wilmot Street
William Adlington Head age 48 Professor of music:singing b Southwell
Keturah Wife Age 46 b Ringwood Hants
Jonathan son age 24 Professor Organ and pianoforte b Southwell
Sarah Ann Daughter age 20 Daily Governess

1861 Scottish Census William Adlington b 1837 England lodger Professor of music Aberdeen NB conducted Aberdeen University Orchestra In 1901 Concert director-manager, friend and biographer of Paderewski ( pianist and composer) 
Adlington, William (I5644)
30 !861 census Tibshelf William Sampson farmer age 32 Sampson, William (I6007)
31 !861 Census York district Dodsworth School Bishop Hill Junior school
School master William Sutton Ann Sutton school mistress and wife
Scholar Robert Adlington Howard age 5 b 1856 York

1871 Census finds Robert Howard age 15 a boarder with Thomas Harrison and his wife and family at St Andrewsgate York also present is Ann Sutton age 66 b 1805 likely to be Roberts grandmother Ann Sutton Adlington nee Cooling
The 1881 Census mentions Ann Sutton widow aged 76 b 1805 Lincolnshire at address Union Workhouse Edge Sheffield Ecclesall Bierlow (Yorkshire West Riding )

I881 Census Robert Adlington Howard printers engine man b York
Wife Sarah female age 26 b1855 York
Son Leonard A Howard b 1881 age 0 months
Address 36 Walpole Street Clifton York Nr

1901 Census Robert is listed as Newspaper Machinist with wife Sarah and total of 7 children

1911 Census Robert is listed foreman machine printer with his wife and 7 children living at address 4 Vale Street Sunderland
York Bankruptcy Court siting at the Guildhall lists Robert Adlington Howard trading at the Huntington Box Mills Huntington Road Box manufacturer as bankrupt and published in two local newspapers Sat July 9 1892
!933 Index of Wills Robert Adlington Howard of Whitehall Terrace Sunderland died 9th Jan 1933 Effects £369 2s 11d probate to Robert Henry Howard and Annie Howard (Wife of said Robert Henry Howard ) 
Howard, Robert Adlington (I5749)
32 !881 Census Edward Goddard son age16 b Harborough Magna farm labourer living with mother Mary Goddard age 60 born Dunton Basset Leicestershire and sister Evelyn age 11 and brother Joseph age 9 both scholars
1891 Census Edward Goddard single age 26 Ag lab Employee born Harborough Magna Living at home with mother Mary Goddard head of household still age 61(error?) and Dau Eva now age 21cook domestic born Harborough Magna plus Mary Bradshaw boarder age 5 also born H M
Free BMD has no marriage for Edward Cooper Goddard within a reasonable bracket but there is a marriage for Edward Goddard in Coventry Sept Quarter 1897 6d page 945 which might be him 
Goddard, Edward Cooper (I4387)
33 !881 Census age 17 born Tring Herts occupation silk washer Stevens, William G (I4825)
34 !881 Census Dwelling 32 George Road Edgbaston Birmingham Warks
In the house his wife Maria age 32 and two children Edward age 8 with George age 2
There are two female Servants a cook and a housemaid 
Cadbury, George (I5799)
35 !881 Census gives John Barnes as head of household at Pit Lane Huthwaite frame work knitterage 53 and his wife Selina age 52 also born Huthwaite They have three children living at Pit Lane Joseph age 21 Engine Stoker Colliery Elizabeth Age 14 Scholar and Benjamin age 10 also scholar
There may be more children than those shown on 1881 Census 
Burton, Selina (I1360)
36 !881 Census gives us a John Vardy who fits He is married to Mary Ann born South Normanton living with 6 children and his age is 47 Vardy, John (I2874)
37 !881 Census has William living with his son and family at Shireoaks pit Worksop He is age 79 a widower occupation Framework knitter,unemployed . We have just caught him in the year he died and his wife has pre-deceased him His place of birth is given as Blackwell Derby
William died at Shireoaks was brought to Huthwaite and buried in Blackwell Churchyard (family records) 
Vardy, William (I1124)
38 !881 census Place Durno Farmer of 13 acres aged 64 born Chapel of Garioch Murray, John (I39)
39 !881 Census shows William age 48 on Mill of Seggat Croft 17 acres arable with his wife Barbara age 38 b Strichen and 6 children Tocher, William (I1598)
40 !881 Census Tarland Widow age 58 Born Coull living with daughter Rebecca and a number of children Gordon and Gilbert and two Benzie grandchildren
Residence 1901 Schoolhill Tarland 
Wilson, Mary (I3159)
41 !881Census Dwelling 14 Albert Road Place Tonbridge Kent Head Occupation Builders Foreman living with wife Sarah J and two children James age 27 b Burwash Builders foreman and John N Trill age 11 b Tonbridge Trill, James (I1290)
42 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3929)
43 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3932)
44 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I260)
45 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3925)
46 "I love Lucy"
She seems to have been popular in that she got invited to all family events such as weddings and more over she kept the invitations as a record of that time
She married Jimmy Malcolm and they farmed near Alford
On retirement they bought a house nearby where they could indulge their love of gardening Some of this undoubtedly brushed off on their son Jimmy who became well known locally for his flower exibits at shows all over the area
This photo is lifted from a family group and is dated Oct 1968 
Gray, Lucy (I493)
47 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3931)
48 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3928)
49 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3923)
50 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4256)

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