2DegreesMobileI’ve just been reminded that it’s three years since we made the move from Vodafone and Telecom mobiles respectively. At the time we thought it was a bit of a chance to go to 2Degrees but the deal was better than we were on with the ability to carry over unused minutes and data one month to the next.

So how’s it worked out? Actually very well. The service has been fine, the coverage has been, if anything, better than previously and we have carried over large numbers of minutes and data each month. So much so that

we can now use the mobiles whenever we wish without worrying about the mad cost of using them.

2Degrees offer a spend control facility so you can set the maximum you want to spend and it will stop working when you reach the limit. We have set low limits but have yet to hit them.

Perhaps the best thing though, completely unlooked for, were free SIMs for our tablets complete with a free data allowance.

The other unlooked for bonus was they have renewed our plans, with no fixed term, with increased minutes and data at the same price. What’s in it for them? Well clearly we will stay with 2Degrees from choice, not because we are locked into a fixed term plan.

Good job.