ATHOPRegistrationI have just been through the process to get one of the new Gold AT HOP Cards for seniors.  It's hard to imagine how it could have been more complicated than it has been.  Here in remote South Auckland you can go to Pukekohe rail station to get the card (and pay the $15) but unless you are able to register online then the nearest place is Papakura!

Now for the online bit. I have been developing web sites for 25 years and the AT website is one of the worst that I have seen. Non intuitive to a fault and worse yet it did not work for me. I had to call

the help desk (three different people before one could help me) and then we were able to fight our way through it.

It create a three (plus?) stage process is bad enough but when your users are the elderly who may be infirm, perhaps whose main mode of transportation may be public transport then surely you have a responsibility to make it simple and accessible, not some form of bureaucratic nightmare? The fact that AT thought it necessary to create a 28 page booklet should have alerted someone that all was not as it should be.

Anyway, I spent some time on it and was able to register the card (with help) and apply for the concession (again with help). Now for some reason I have to wait five business days for it to be activated. Surely this could all be achieved either a) online in a simple transaction or b) in one step with AT staff at the rail station.

I dread to think how much these clowns have wasted on a clumsy and dysfunctional system (thanks Len) and how many of the elderly are going to be cheated out of their public transport entitlements as a result. Perhaps that's the plan or does that give AT too much credit for Machiavellian thinking?