ChorusWhat should have been a great investment in New Zealand infrastructure has turned in to a rort where the taxpayer is funding one of the coutries biggest companies to maintain and enhance their monopoly.

Here in Pukekohe, Chorus are being paid to duplicate Counties Power's existing fibre network which has been in place for the past 10 years. This duplication (called "overbuilding") involves laying new, Government paid for, fibre alongside the Counties Fibre.


Anyone who wants seriously fast broadband can already get access to the Counties Power network and get better speeds for lower cost than will be the case with UFB. So the question is what benefit does this give to the public that is worth spending our money on?

Chorus naturally get the opportunity to squash thier competition at the taxpayers expense but are unlikely to make any money as the customers who what this service have almost certainly already gotten it.

A rational UFB scheme would have sought to build out fibre where none existed and bought access to existing networks rather than digging up the road again.

Now the Government propose to give Chorus yet more of our money because they are not making enough out of their existing monoploy.

For shame!