draytekI am always keen that things should do what they say on the box.

Today's rant is about the Draytek Vigor 2760 router that has a nice little "IPv6 Ready" logo on the front and claims IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack on the side.

Unfortunately I bought this router and it turns out that it is not in fact  "IPv6 Ready". Even if you load the latest beta software it still doesn't work.

There is small print on the Draytek website that says that this feature will be a free firmware release in Q3 2013 but to my mind this is just not good enough. 

Actually the Vigor 2760 is also slow to sync on the line anyway and gives a poorer speed than my el cheepo NetComm NB604N which seems an altogether superior box for half the price. 

Little is more annoying that vendors claiming that that feature is coming soon.