ie9I've worked with the world wide web since the early 90's starting with the first browser, Mosaic and each new iteration of this technology just seems to get better.

That is until the latest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Incomprehensibly Microsoft have changed the interface and made it garble simple web sites. Other popular sites like Google Mail don't work 'out of the box' either.

There seem to be a bunch of settings for accelerators, compatibility extensions and other clutter which after spending a few minutes with I could not get to work. The web is successful because of its simplicity so what has possessed Microsoft to make it so complex?

Unfortunately IE9 was not an option for my neophyte user. Luckily the solution was very simple. Load one of the many excellent alternative browsers such as Firefox or Chrome. At least IE can manage that and my users settings were transferred.

Come on Microsoft, you must know better than this?