imagesWe just had to see this, despite the negative reviews. Phantom is just so good, how could the sequel be ruined?

Well the sad thing is that Love Never Dies is dreadful. Worse yet it doesn’t need to be but the music lacks cohesion and links to the original score. Too much time is spent with telling the plot and it really only starts to have a life of it’s own in the second act. Overall it’s a great disappointment and needs an appointment with a really sharp editor.

Technically it’s great, sets, costumes, lighting, cast, energy, all A+. The score and plot let it down. Let me loose with it (ok someone with some skill then) but it could easily be sorted out. Is it really by the same composer?

Overall it well deserves its moniker "Paint Never Dries" - make sure you miss it, it’s a shocker.