biopactmediumI've had a pair of these Elacin plugs for motorcycling for the past three years and overall I've been pretty pleased with them. They were expensive though ($NZ260ish the pair).

When I got them I was told that the little rubber 'O' ring that you pull them out with would last the life of the plugs and that Elacin would hold the cast of my ear for that time so I could get replacements without needing my ears refilled with the plastic they mold them with. Both these statements turn out not to be true.

The rubber 'O' ring on one has come out completly and the other looks ready to split at any time.  There is no replacement service and I am told the guarantee is two years and after that "you will need to buy a new pair".

Maybe my expectations are a bit unrealistic but I'd have expected these plugs to last longer given the amount of use, after all it's certainly not an everyday occurrence for me to go motorcycling, maybe 30-40 days each year?

Actually it's astounding I still have them, they bounce hugely when dropped and are a real curse to find by the roadside, the clear plastic is almost invisible.

Seriously they are good but overall just too expensive for the quality they offer. Half the price and fair enough