Once these were two great companies but now......

I have a Maxtor Shared Storage II unit which is an external, network connected backup. Great idea and everyone should have something like this - the disk in your computer will fail.

The Maxtor can be configured as a RAID device so that, you might think, if one disk fails your data will be safe. Sadly and incomprehensibly, this is not true. If one disk fails you have to go to remarkable steps to get the other one out and onto a Linux machine to get the data off it

The device boasts a one gigabit network connection so you might assume it will be fast. Er no. It struggles to run at a few megabits per second.

You'll keep it somewhere away from your main computer so that backups are safe in case of a fire or something, that's why you wanted a network connection instead of a USB disk. Well make it accessible as the device cannot be left on continuously as it will overheat and fail

No worries it has a three year warrenty. Well yes but you have to send it from New Zeaand to Singapore at your own expense.

Take a look at "Don't buy Maxtor Shared Storage II" for more details.


It's been back for a second replacement, it's still rubbish but you can't just let them get away with can you......